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Outsourcers Bible Agency

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Outsourcers Bible Agency

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The reseller program consists of a highly converting tried and tested funnel that has one front end product (Outsourcers Bible) and then two additional offers that benefit the customers purchase.

Outsourcers Bible Agency

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✔ Outsourcers bible Agency - $297.00 per year OR $27.00 p.m

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✔ Traffic from Joint Venture Affiliates - $67

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Outsourcers bible Agency & Agency Package (Exclusive One Time Offer To O.B Members)

Outsourcers Bible Agency



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  • First point of sale: O.B - $9.95
  • Second Point of sale: O.B Membership

-$ 9.95 per month -$67.00 per six months -$97.00 per year

  • Third Point of Sale: $47.00

Now imagine if you made 300 sales within one year of O.B at only $9.95 (which is easily achievable)

And a percentage took the additional highly beneficial offers along with it!


OutSourcers Bible @ $9.95 x 300 = $2985.00 profit.

O.B Membership – 100 of those took at say: 

£9.95 per month = $995.00 PER MONTH Profit

30 of those 300 (10%) at $67.00 per six months = $2010.00 Per six months Profit

+ the following six months $2010.00 profit

= $4020.00 PER YEAR PROFIT!

15 of those (5%) at $97.00 per year = $1455.00 Per Year Profit!

Let’s look at how much in that year alone you could make from only 300 sales…

$2985.00 for only 300 sales Outsourcers Bible.

$995.00 for the O.B membership per month from 100 sales at the end of the year= $11,940.00 $2010.00 for the O.B membership per six months from 30 sales = $2010.00 x 2 = $4020.00

$1455.00 per year for 15 sales of the O.B membership

That works out at.. so far:

$2985.00 + $11,940.00 + $4020.00 + $1455.00 = $20,400! PER YEAR

Now… We’re not done there, out of those 300 customers, 100 of them also take the Agency (Like you’re about to…)

Now there’s an added income.. This is 100 x $47.00 = $4700.00

So from ONLY 300 customers starting at $9.95 – The potential earnings is:



Outsourcers Bible Agency

From a $47 investment into the Outsourcers Bible Agency Program, you can obtain a MASSIVE return.
EVEN IF YOU ONLY MADE 100 SALES OF OUTSOURCERS BIBLE – That would be $8,366.00 for a Tiny $47.00



Outsourcers Bible Agency