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    But first before we reveal everything to you, let us ask you something…

Have you ever had the need for any of the following services?

Writers… Graphic Design… Keyword Research… Backlinking… Facebook… Twitter… Blog... Tasks… Submission Services… Programmers… Traffic Generation…

The list goes on and on!

And the fact is, if you ever plan on growing your online business or ever want to live the true I.M lifestyle and not be stuck at your desk all day then you must outsource.

Dear Fellow Marketer!

        After months and months of hard work, research and the aid of mega marketers online, we've gone and created something FAR superior to any outsourcers compilation out there online… How do I know this? Allow me to continue… My names Craig Crawford and I’ve previously been involved in some of the biggest outsourcing products online to date. These are all HIGH value, HIGHLY sought after and HIGHLY needed in any marketplace online! Through all of my time working online to date, being able to push forwards FAST has been the #1 reason I’ve made such enormous advances online, and the #1 reason I’ve had such high success! Along with some MEGA paydays. I’ve put together something that vastly out performs my previous efforts and knocks it out of the park on affordability!

Craig Crawford
Craig Crawford Outsourcersbible CEO
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Quick Question

Can you do everything yourselves?
We can’t, in fact most people can’t so you’re extremely skilled if you can BUT… The more important question is – Even if you could,SHOULD you do everything yourself?
The clear answer is No.
Sometimes (although we don’t like to admit it) other people can do certain things better than we can.
Don’t worry it’s nothing to be ashamed of!
However without the right people to turn to for these tasks...

You Will Struggle!

Myself and other full-time online marketers I’ve spoken with used to find it very tricky to find people that could actually deliver what we wanted.
We’d spend hours looking on sites like Odesk and Elance, searching through trying to find ‘a good one’ only to be let down by the ones we’d chosen…
  • ?

    Sound familiar

    Of course it's not just finding the best (because THE BEST often comes with the highest price tag)

  • So our search became clear...

    We had to find and compile the best of the best outsourcers available online.

PLUS we had to make sure those we found and tested were also affordable to everyone… Or ad reviews from other reliable marketers who are wise enough to outsource too!


I’ve had my business over two years now.. And over that time, I’ve been responsible for generating over $2,000,0000 online!

People wondered how the hell I made such big leaps and bounds within my business to hit the success to many people fail to achieve…

I put a BIG chunk of my success down to making fast progress by outsourcing!

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Here’s Some Benefits of outsourcing and how the
Outsourcers Bible can help:

"I knew he couldn't be THAT good! No one goes from zero to that crazy level of success all on their own... I had to ply him with a few beers to get to the bottom of his phenomenal success, but I did... and it turns out I was right, Craig figgured out the biggest "secret" of being successful online - get other people to do the work for you! And what's more he knows just how valuable his rolodex of outsourcers is, plying him with quite a few more beers didn't get that out of him!!!"

Matt Garrets
Matt Garrets

Increase Efficiency MASSIVELY

Employ everyone? You'll have to spend WAY MORE money, be tied into contracts and ultimately slow yourself down if you employ people from the start.

However, you can avoid all of that, making your business way more efficient by outsourcing.

Enable Yourself to Start New Projects Quickly

You can start projects pretty much right away when you utilize freelancers or a good outsourcing company... Learning yourself, or handling in-house employees can take quite a while as you already know - Outsourcing allows you to move quickly enabling you to begin various tasks within hours of finding a good reliable outsourcer using Outsourcers Bible.

Level the Playing Field

When you've a business that's small to medium/beginning. you need to realise you may not be able to afford in-house services like the larger businesses can.

Outsourcing can help small firms act “big” by giving them access to the same economies of scale, efficiency, and expertise that large companies enjoy.

Reduce Labour Costs

Employment for short-term jobs is EXPENSIVE! Not to mention you may have to hire them, fill them in with information they need and not always come through to live up to your expectations.

Focus on your Core Business

You're going to experience limited resources... Limited amount to time and attention you can invest into every element of your business...

Outsourcing allows you to be able to focus on what you TRULY need to be focusing on! Your actual business. Not the "nitty gritty" parts you can have someone else do.

As you see… To make the progress I have so far within my business… I HAD to outsource! I wanted to move my business on effectively and without delay…

I’ve had HUGE paydays thanks to the work put in by others…


One of the biggest failures of most new marketers is trying to do everything themselves, if Im honest I suffer a little from this as well or should say I used to. Ive known Craig a few years and always wondered how he rose so quickly in the internet marketing world.

One of the big reasons for his success is outsourcing and he is a real master at using outsources. Ive started to apply a lot of what he does and Ive seen my business grow year on year as a result.

Stop making the mistake of going it alone get the outsourcers bible and start to rocket your business like Craig has and like he has helped me to.

R. Fairbairn
R. Fairbairn Melleni Group

From the start of my business… I didn’t have the money to employ people full time, nor did I even know where to begin!

So I couldn't pay out hundreds, or even thousands to outsourcers to get the tasks done that I couldn't do.

But I did realise that without affordable, top quality outsourcers to turn to I'd see very little progress online and never of achieved my goal of quitting my job..

So I began to look online for the more affordable, yet high quality vendors out there… Utilised their skills… And my business FLEW to a whole new exciting level.

And so...

Now With 100’s Of Pages Of Pure Gold!

This guide was originally created as my online bible to the best and most affordable outsourcers online to grow my business and work less… But I decided I wanted to take it a STEP FURTHER! And grow it beyond what anyone else could!

It covers brand new (and some 'golden oldies') outsourcers on a variety of sites:

  • - new odesk

We've Also Covered Google To Save You Searching For Hours!

And today you can swipe your own copy for a crazy low, one time only investment of just $9.95

I bet you know about Fiverr, but have you ever tried to find a good person for a task you have? 

It can be a nightmare, it can take hours... And even after all that you can be left disappointed at times!

And what about The warrior forum?

We all know the value in there is immense, but at times it can be tricky to quickly find someone that we need for a certain task.

Not forgetting… The rest of the list above!! It’s a minefield of scams, poor quality and inevitable disappointment out there if you’re not careful!!

Well not any more, with your Outsourcers Bible guide you'll quickly and easily find a trustworthy (and affordable) outsourcer for your tasks

Never again will you be left alone, not knowing where to turn or who to ask to get progress in your online business.

You'll open your guide...

Click the link in the contents for what you want...

Then BAM, you'll have a quick and convenient link straight to your awesome outsourcer!


We're ALSO, giving you for 100% FREE outsourcing training to help push your businesses further than ever.

This training complements Outsourcers Bible perfectly! It's a great resource of training worth $197.00

This takes you through various subjects and helps you achieve greater goals using outsourcing

Here's What's Covered:

» No More TIME Wasted!

» No More MONEY Wasted!


 There’s an abundance of outsourcers complied into well laid out pages, it's packed with everything you'll need.

Plus, to give you an idea of how much this guide will save you...

You should know it's taken us over 180 days…And over 1100 hours (And that’s lowballing) to put it all together. It's all the latest, greatest and most affordable outsourcers online, and for a limited time (at a crazy low price) We're letting our fellow marketers access it

You could say We're sharing the wealth :-) 

Oh... Did Somebody Say Bonus?! 

Even though we're giving you a HUGE amount of value in this offer today we wanted to give a little added extra, just to sweeten the deal even more for you :-)

So we've created a bonus report for you that you'll get 100% free today when you grab this offer

Inside you'll find the TOP sites to find your freelancers, it's a perfect addition to your Outsourcers Bible package and one you'll find VERY helpful

So go ahead and enjoy it all right now!


We're so confident that once you get instant access to Outsourcers Bible now you'll be blown away at the amount of value you have in your hands.

But of course we want you to experience it for yourself without any risk at all.

So we're also handing you an...

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Here's a quick recap...

You're getting Outsourcers bible… Our brand new guide to the greatest and most affordable outsourcers online.

It's a whopping 181 pages of pure gold. Covering outsourcers at Fiverr and outsourcers right here at the Warrior Forum.

We personally invested over 6 months into making this, (You'll see why when you open the first page) and you're getting it all for just 9.95

  • It's time to save yourself a fortune...

  • It's time to save yourself hours and hours of searching and testing...

  • It's time to get your hands on the best of the best outsourcers online...


Craig Crawford and Robert Phillips

P.S- You have nothing to lose and no risk to take with our unconditional 60 day, 100% money back guarantee.


I'm not sure how long we'll keep this at such a low price, it may rise at any moment or we may even close this offer down for good!

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